Carlos Sastre’s Cervelo R5 ‘California’ SRAM/Zipp TdF Special Edition

Carlos Sastre on his R5 Cervelo California with SRAM LTE and Zipp

Carlos Sastre on the Cervelo R5 California equipped with SRAM Red LTE and Zipp 303′s.

Carlos Sastre is the 2008 Tour de France Champion and to commemerate this SRAM presented him with a LTE Limited Tour Edition grupo for the 2010 Tour. Carlos is riding a special Cervelo R5 ‘California’ bike with yellow touches that match the LTE group perfectly. The end result is probably the classiest looking ride in the bunch, appropriate for a classy guy like Carlos. Here’s some detailed shots of the Sastre machine.

TDF 2010: Sastre's LTE bike

This is probably the neatest and well finished bike at the Tour.

TDF 2010: Sastre's LTE bike

SRAM Red LTE braking on the Zipp 404′s.

TDF 2010: Sastre's LTE bike

Nr 91, Carlos is the Cervelo Test Team Capitan.

TDF 2010: Sastre's LTE bike

LTE Doulbe Tap shifters.


Alejandro shows us the custom Zipp treats to match Carlos’ LTE group, how cool is that!

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