Tour de France 2011 – Passage du Gois…

Passage du Gois - Tour de France 2011

Saturday July 2nd, the first Stage of the Tour de France will start from the mythic Passage du Gois. This passage which links Noirmoutier island to Beauvoir sur Mer on the mainlandand, is submerged by the tide twice a day. Thousands of spectators are expected…

Passage du Gois - Tour de France 2011

One of the most exciting and beautiful starts of the Tour de France. Two days before the start, at 8.00pm, it looks pretty quiet and far away from everything. But on Saturday it will be another story… thousands of people, cameras everywhere, riders going through the passage, cars, caravan du Tour… and the World looking at it.

Campers Passage du Gois - Tour de France 2011

Already two days before the start of the Tour de France 2011, more than 150 campers lined up next to the Passage du Gois (Vendée). They are ready to support their favorite riders.

Passage du Gois panel - Tour de France 2011
Instructions need to be followed if you don’t want to be flooded by water!

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