SRAM’s Reach Adjust Feature – Who Loves You?

Coryn gives "props to my Reach Adjust!"

Sometimes something is to good to keep a secret, and that’s exactly what we’ve tried not to do with respect to SRAM’s elegant Reach Adjust feature, which comes on every road gruppo we sell. Reach Adjust allows every rider to custom set reach (distance between the handlebar and levers) to both the brake and shift lever independently. It’s perfect for smaller hands, necessary for a true custom fit, and welcome for anyone who likes a little separation between their levers.

Fitment is critically important to performance, and can be consistently linked to improved performance. Additionally, the most critical contact point for control of the bike is the hands at the shift levers. While SRAM sponsors a wide range of teams and professionals in road, cross and tri, we asked a few of our female road professionals to comment on what they like about Reach Adjust, here’s what they had to say…

Coryn Rivera (Exergy TWENTY12) brings them all the way in

“Being a smaller person I will naturally have smaller hands, SRAM’s Reach Adjust feature is clutch for a person my size to be able to adjust the lever reach and literally bring the levers right to your fingertips,” said Rivera.

Adding, “Proper fit, comfort, and control is of utmost importance to me. It is what makes training and racing my bike even more engaging. Having a proper fit ensures that I will be free of injury and mishaps, comfort keeps me coming back for more, and control at the correct reach makes shifting and breaking flawless.”

Exergy TWENTY12's Kristin McGrath says levers should be something you don't have to think about

“When I’m flying down mountain passes at 100kph or powering over european cobbles, I want my focus to be 100% on what I’m doing.  It is imperative that my equipment functions as an extension of my body.   With only three contact points between my body and machine, the interfaces must work flawlessly so very little energy has to go into thinking about how to control my bike.   Discomfort created by ill-fitting equipment is wasted energy and mental distraction, ultimately leading to underperformance.  The bottom line: the better the fit, the better the control, the better the performance,” said McGrath.

“Before I rode SRAM with reach-adjust shifters, my hands would cramp during hard races and long rides from the constant battle to reach my shifters and brake levers.  Now (with SRAM) I can easily reach my shifters and brakes, allowing me to focus on more important things, like winning races!”

“You know what they say about small hands…..short reach!”

Kaitlin Antonneau (Exergy TWENTY12) races year round on SRAM RED, always utilizing the Reach Adjust feature

“My favorite thing about the reach adjustment on my SRAM shifters is the fact that I am able to adjust my levers to be custom fit for me.  My hands are smaller so it’s really helpful. When it comes to my bike, proper fit, control, and comfort are very important.  I want to be able to feel like the bike is an extension of me and the proper fit, control, and comfort ensures this,” added Antonneau.

For info on how to adjust your reach adjust contact your local shop or watch the following: Setting SRAM Reach Adjust

SRAM RED – 2012 is only different in that it features a 2.5 mm allen for both adjusters.

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