How SRAM WiFLi makes your cycling adventure possible!

A cyclist enthusiast rode Les Trois Etapes for World Bicycle Relief with its WiFLi groupset.

David Avery (GBR) has spent most of his business career in the Semiconductor Industry where he ran the European business for a large Silicon Valley capital equipment company.
Most of his sporting life has been in rowing crews but following an injury he started cross-training on a bike and became hooked. He is currently riding around 150-200km a week. This summer he rode the big French Mountains on Les Trois Etapes. He joined up with the team from World Bicycle Relief with Carlos Sastre, Thorsten Wilhelms… World Bicycle Relief is a non-profit association which provides access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles.

Dave with Thorsten Wilhelms (middle) and Carlos Sastre (left)

Before the ride David changed groupset to setup SRAM Apex WiFLi on his bike. Here’s what David has to say about SRAM Apex and WiFLi:

Since fitting the SRAM WiFLi I have been riding around 100 miles per week (sometimes more, sometimes less). My home terrain is rolling hills along the South Downs of the UK and the Surrey Hills (both in South East England). My routes include Box Hill (Olympic Road Race climb), most climbs are 2-4Km long and around 5-10% average gradient with peaks at 17%.

The biggest difference I have noticed is that I can stay in the big ring on the front for much longer and therefore go much faster up the climbs. For example, I tried going up Box Hill in both the big ring and the small ring, it was much more powerful in the big ring. It was also manageable and did not send me straight into the red zone. So for my local riding I find I spend almost all the time in the big ring and have a good range of gears for the terrain that I have here.

On Les 3 Etapes the climbs were much more severe, I spent most of the time climbing in the small ring, but with a good range of gears at the back for some of the flatter sections. Although, I would say I spent most time in the back left gears. On the Galibier I would not have made the top without the use of those two last sprockets. It definitely meant I could suffer for longer, rather than blow !

In short, I really like the gears and the feel I get from riding with them. The shifters are crisp and easy and they look cool on my bike (they are white). I would not swap them. I am still working on the engine that goes with them, this is going to take longer !

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