New Product – SRAM QuickView Adaptor Computer Mount

The new SRAM QuickView Computer Mount Adaptor features a slide interface on one side, and a quarter-turn twist on the other, to conveniently attach a Garmin Edge® 605 or 705 computer to any SRAM QuickView Computer Mount.

Easy to install, light, secure and durable. The all-new SRAM Quickview Adaptor makes slick work of attaching your sliding head unit interface to any of SRAM‘s quarter-turn Quickview Mounts.

SRAM’s Quickview Adaptor Mount easily converts quarter-turn to slide mount

The simple Adaptor gives you the option to use your slide mount computer on the latest twist mounts


Material: Nylon Composite
Weight: 8g
MSRP: €5 / $5
Availability: June 2013
Specs: Compatible with Garmin Edge® 605 and 705

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