RED 22 HydroR brakes make first stop at 100th Tour

This video takes you behind the scenes as SRAM works hand in hand with two of our top teams – Omega Pharma-Quick-Step Pro Cycling and Saxo-Tinkoff Team – during the 2013 Tour de France to equip top rider’s bikes with all new RED 22 with HydroR hydraulic brake technology. Here early adopters Mark Cavendish and Tony Martin (Omega Pharma-Quick-Step) share their thoughts on why SRAM’s new hydraulic road rim brakes improved their control and performance, and actually saved Cavendish from the stage one pile-up. View on YouTube.

World TT Champion Tony Martin, like Cavendish, insisted on riding SRAM RED 22 with hydraulic road rim brakes immediately after his first test ride. He knew better speed control would be incredibly important in a Tour with so many aggressive mountain stages and descents.

While the original plan to introduce SRAM’s RED 22 Hydraulic Road Rim (HRR) groupset at the final stage (21) of the 2013 Tour de France remains in place, our plans to premiere the first complete production road drivetrain featuring hydraulic brakes were pleasantly spoiled by Omega Pharma-Quick-Step’s super sprinter Mark Cavendish on Stage 1, and time trial specialist Tony Martin on stage 16.

Mark Cavendish’s Specialized Venge 100th Victory SRAM RED 10-speed Hydraulic Road Rim bike – rear Hydro brake.

Cavendish adopts HydroR – After a test-ride in Glasgow, Scotland, on a RED 10-speed BlackBox version of the HRR brakes, just before winning the British National Championship race, Cav decided to race the hydraulic system from the beginning of the Tour. As he makes daily choices on which bike to ride (he has five, two with HRR), we remain encouraged by his continually positive feedback regarding Hydro R, and more specifically HRR. Simply put, he loves the system, from the hood shape, to the improved power and superior modulation.

Martin first to ride Twenty-two Hydro R – After a scheduled July 15 rest day test ride, stage 11 winner Tony Martin insisted on riding his RED 22 HydroR equipped Specialized for the duration of the Tour. Martin was drawn to the additional gearing, as well as the improved braking in a Tour replete with aggressive descents.

SRAM Sponsorship liaison’s met with Saxo-Tinkoff and Omega Pharma-Quick-Step team technicians to do RED 22 and Hydraulic brake installs during the second week of the Tour.

Building for the Champs-Élysées – After we received acceptance from the sports governing body in June, it was obvious that RED 22 featuring hydraulic road rim brakes could and should be raced as soon as possible, and our professional teams emphatically agreed. The best opportunity to for Twenty-two Hydro R installations were during the Tour’s second week. SRAM staff were joined by team mechanics from both Team Saxo-Tinkoff and Omega Pharma-Quick-Step in SRAM’s German headquarters, where two full days of bike builds and technical training took place.

Saxo-Tinkoff Pro Cycling rest day test ride on SRAM RED 22 Hydro R.

Twenty-two and stage 21 – During the final stage of the 2013 Tour de France, both teams will have bikes featuring SRAM RED 22 with hydraulic road rim brakes. Athletes will decide for themselves if they want to make the transition. As mentioned, all bikes were test ridden by riders during the Tour’s final rest day on July 15.

What Twenty-two Hydro R Delivers – SRAM RED 22 delivers a wider and smoother gear ratio, including the 16. Hydro R brake systems, simply put, improve braking power, offer the perfect balance of modulation, with less hand effort. In the simplest terms, more control. Riders can descend faster, brake later, and ride with more confidence.

SRAM is proud of the advancements that come with our new Twenty-two Hydro R groupsets. We wish to thank our sponsored teams; particularly the technicians and riders, for affirming our technologies and helping us lead the way towards improved performance and continued innovation.

Alberto Contador’s Specialized SL4 Special Edition SRAM RED 22 Hydraulic Road Rim bike. Contador will make the decision whether to race this bike before the final stage.

The new 22 HRR Team Bike
Specialized Venge & Tarmac SL4

SRAM Drivetrain – SRAM RED 22
Shift levers – Hydro R Master Cylinder and Shifter
Brakes – Hydraulic Road Rim
Front Derailleur – RED 22 YAW
Rear Derailleur – RED 22
Cranks – Specialized with RED 22 chainrings
Chain – RED 22 chain
Cassette – X-Glide 1190
Bottom Bracket – RED BB

Zipp 202 Tubular, along with 303 and 404 Firecrest Tubulars
808 Firecrest Tubular and Carbon Clincher
Super-9 Tubular and Carbon Clincher.

Bar, Stem, Seatpost:
Zipp Service Course SL Bars, Stems and Seatposts, along with the SL Speed seatpost.

Consumer availability:

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